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Self Protection Measures

Self-Protection Measures are a set of actions aimed at preventing and controlling risks that may affect people and goods, as well as providing an adequate response to possible emergency situations and guaranteeing the integration of these actions as an instrument of prevention and emergency.

Buildings, establishments and premises must, in the course of the exploration of the respective spaces, be provided with measures of organization and security management, designated as self-protection measures.

Pursuant to article 21 of Decree-Law No. 220/2008 of 12 November, self-protection and fire safety management in buildings and precincts, during their operation or use, for the purposes of applying the decree- law and complementary legislation, are based on the following measures:

Intervention Measures

in case of fire, with emergency procedures or internal emergency plans, depending on the risk category.

Security Record

which must include the inspection and inspection reports, and all maintenance actions and occurrences directly or indirectly related to SCIE.

SCIE training

with actions aimed at all employees and collaborators of operating entities or specific training, security delegates and other elements that deal with situations of greater risk of fire.


for testing the emergency plan.

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