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Food Safety

Regulation (EC) 853/2004 aims to implement Food Safety systems in order to monitor the entire production process, supported by preventive concepts. It is intended, therefore, to apply measures based on the HACCP methodology, which ensure an efficient monitoring through the identification of stages, in order to control the dangers to the health of consumers.

Implementation of the HACCP System

The HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Control of Critical Points) involves technical visits, where the following are carried out:

  • Audits of the Client's facilities;

  • Sample collection: Microbiological control – analysis of food, surfaces, water quality, handlers (accredited laboratory analysis);

  • Implementation of the HACCP System;

  • Awareness/information actions;

  • Applicable Legislation, HACCP Prerequisites and Good Food Hygiene Practices;

  • Preparation of the Good Practices manual, the Sanitation Plan and the HACCP Plan;

  • Providing dossiers with documentation relating to HACCP, pamphlets and manuals;

  • Delivery of codes of good practice.

Food Safety in the Meat Sector

FORPREV has two training courses in the area of ​​Food Hygiene and Safety in the Meat Sector:

  • 15 hours of initial training

  • 4h renewal

It is aimed at professionals who are in charge of handling meat (sales and distribution), or who are interested in this area of ​​training.

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