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Safety at Work

Safety and Health at Work, in addition to being a legal obligation (Law 102/2009 of 10 September), is fundamentally a moral duty. By investing in PREVENTION, the Employer is benefiting the company and its employees. By adopting good Occupational Health and Safety practices, and improving working conditions, employers are pushing for increased productivity.

Technical visits

Technical visits serve to respond to employers' needs and legal responsibilities, thus ensuring compliance with current legislation (Law 102/2009 of 10 September).

Are they:

  • Identification and assessment of workplace risks;

  • Survey and Implementation of Safety Signs;

  • Preparation of risk control plans;

  • Support in the implementation of the control plan;

  • Training/Awareness in the Scope of Safety and Hygiene at work;

  • Analysis of Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases.

Measurement and Assessment of Specific Risks



Thermal comfort

Chemical Contaminants

Air quality

Ergonomic Risks

Biological Hazards

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