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Other Specialties

FORPREV is specialized in several clinical areas, such as Clinical Psychology, Speech Therapy and Nutrition, all of which are fundamental for health and well-being.
Psicologia Clínica

Aesthetic Medicine is a medical specialty whose objective is to improve and correct skin changes not caused by disease, such as wrinkles, spots and scars on the body, as well as localized fats.

Clinical Psychology

Terapia da Fala

Ayurvedic Massage, or abhyanga, is a relaxing and therapeutic massage indicated for the prevention and maintenance of physical, mental and emotional health. It aims to restore the general balance.



Nutrition is the specialty that assesses and defines the best diet. V isa to apply the sciences of nutrition and dietetics in the prevention and treatment of diseases and also in the promotion and education of health, both individually and collectively.


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