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Occupational Medicine

Health Prevention is one of the main measures to be adopted by employers, so that work accidents do not occur and, consequently, occupational diseases are practically non-existent.

By ensuring that everyone is healthy, employers increase their productivity.

Pursuant to Law 102/2009 of September 10, Article 108, the medical examinations we carry out meet the immediate needs of our customers.

Medical exams

Admission Exams

Performed at the beginning of the employee's duties.

Periodic Exams

Held annually for minors and employees over 50, and every 2 years for other employees.

Occasional Exams

Carried out whenever substantial changes occur in the means used, or if the employee returns to work after a period of absence of more than 30 days due to an accident or illness.

Complementary Diagnostic Exams

In order to express a more precise opinion about the health of the employee, the occupational physician may casually request additional exams or the opinion of specialized physicians.

Regarding the location of medical examinations, in addition to the ForPrev Clinics , in order to streamline, we have a Mobile Health Unit .

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