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Beauty and Wellness

FORPREV's Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness department offers innovative minimally invasive treatments for visual and aesthetic rejuvenation, as well as health and wellness therapies. We see the body as a whole, a global system where all its parts are interconnected in a continuous process of communication and regulation.
Medicina Estética

Aesthetic Medicine is a medical specialty whose objective is to improve and correct skin changes not caused by disease, such as wrinkles, spots and scars on the body, as well as localized fats.


Massagem Ayurvédica

Ayurvedic Massage, or abhyanga, is a relaxing and therapeutic massage indicated for the prevention and maintenance of physical, mental and emotional health. It aims to restore the general balance.


Massagem Tui Na

The Tui Na Massage aims to restore the energetic balance of the organs and organic functions acting on the channels through which the energy circulates. It improves the general condition and contributes to the cure of a large number of diseases.

Tui Na

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